They are cute and tiny, but also illegal to own in some states, I am talking about the Hedgehog which is quickly becoming the new craze to own.

If you are into exotic animals and want to take your chances with one that when gets scared or feel threatened rolls up into a ball and flexes it quills, then a Hedgehog might be for you. Of course this type of pet is not for everyone, and with any pet you need t do your research.

Considered by some states as a wild animal not fit for captivity it is illegal to own one in Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii and Pennsylvania. So for residents of Minnesota and Wisconsin you have the green light to get one. If you would get one would you call it Sonic? I have to admit they are super cute, but I am not big on worrying that I or my kids might be harmed by our pet from sharp quills, it would make snuggling him/her rather difficult. :)




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