Some people apparently have no conscience. Bayley, a high school student at Denfeld High School, took part in a high school art show at Miller Hill Mall on March 20. During the course of the show, Bayley's piece was stolen. After investing 5-6 months into this particular project, Bayley planned on using this piece of art as her feature piece for a portfolio in order to get into art school.

Bayley explained to me via email that her art teacher brought the piece to the Miller Hill Mall on the morning of March 20, and by the time he returned to the mall around 4:40 in the afternoon, it had gone missing. The art teacher was informed by mall security that there is no surveillance camera footage available to help.

The piece is in an 18 X 24 frame, so it's fairly large in size. It features the upper portion of a face and some waves in the lower part of the image. While she was able to get some photos during the process of creating the piece (as seen above), she never got the chance to even take a photo of the finished project before it was stolen.

Bayley is clearly very talented, and her art teacher even calls her work "incredible" in a Facebook post about the theft of her piece. It's really sad that after investing months of hard work into something like this with the hopes of using it to get into college that someone would just take it. While it would be easy to imagine someone getting angry over a situation like this, Bayley would be happy to just get her artwork back once again. She told one of the local TV stations she is willing to just forgive and forget if she can simply get her project back.


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