As much of a relief as it is to get the kids back to school many parents are also stressing out at the cost to get them ready.

I do not miss the days of walking around one of the big box stores clutching the school supply list for the kids and battling other parents for that last 3 ring binder. I understand that many schools all over the country have had to cut back, so the parents have to pony up for supplies, but the younger the kids are the more you need to buy. Then throw in the cost of new shoes and clothes it can be a ton of money.

I found this article that offers some helpful hints to save some money, especially If you have more than one child to shop for. According to The Chicago Tribune and National Retail Federation, the average family with a child in between kindergarten and 12th grade will spend about $674 for everything from pens to computers just this year. That does not include field trips, school lunches take note.

  1. Stick to one store for all your supplies: Many stores now will price match or they have huge discounts early in the season.
  2. Use the right credit card: Some offer special incentives or cash back on school supplies or 0% interest.
  3. Buy online and pickup at the store: Many retailers have great deals on line and you can be assured that they won't run out.
  4. Use a price comparison Site: It pays off to do a little homework of your own.
  5. Ask about Rain Checks: If you have the time to wait, it could save you money in your pocket book.