I've been golfing for many years and I would call my self probably a bogey golfer at best. Normally I'm probably a double bogey golfer. This year I learned something that has dramatically improved my golf game, and I'm a bit embarrassed to not have learned this earlier. Sunglasses can really hurt your golf game. Here's why.

Sunglasses in general can alter your depth perception. They also can distort what you are seeing. When it comes to getting a good strike on a ball, you need every bit of depth perception and vision that you can get. It's not an easy thing to do.

I was golfing at Nemadji in Superior a couple weeks ago when the sun came out and I put my sunglasses on. My shots were getting worse and worse and I was getting frustrated. What could have possibly changed from the first few holes where I was getting great ball strikes, and now all I could do was duff the shot, slice it horribly, or top the ball? Fortunately I had an experienced golfer friend tell me to take off my sunglasses.

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No joke, from there on I had the best golf game I've had in years. Beautiful shots and even had a few pars. There was even a failed birdie putt here and there. Maybe this has been my problem as I wear sunglasses most of the time while golfing.

Two weeks later, short term memory got the best of me and I once again was golfing terribly. By hole 3 it donned on me that my sunglasses were on. I took them off, put them in my bag, and immediately started playing better.

That's why most pro golfers don't wear sunglasses. They distort your vision, especially if you use the corner of your vision to help with your swing, which you probably do without realizing it. Top Rank Golf has an extensive article on it talking about the science behind it, and even offers some suggestions if you still want to wear sunglasses. For me, I'll just squint to try to get those birdies.

So next time you're golfing on a sunny day and may be struggling, try a couple of holes without your sunglasses and see what happens. You may be surprised.

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