Baihly Warfield from WDIO met with John and Jan Holdt who are possibly the biggest Vikings Fans in all of Minnesota. They have  an entire room in their basement filled with all Minnesota Vikings memorabilia like snow globes, bobble head dolls, ornaments, books and even a 20 year old bottle of Bud Grant Wine!

But one of their most prized possessions was a 6 foot 1,200 pound wood carving of a Viking Statue which they named "Vinny"  that a chainsaw artist in Nisswa, Minnesota make for them and cost $2,000. They then had to rent a truck with a lift gate on it to bring it home where it  proudly stood in their driveway for the next 14 years.

One morning in June of 2014 John came outside to get the paper when he noticed "VINNIE" was gone. He could not believe his eyes, so he called the Hermantown Police and the only thing they could figure out was that the thieves had used a two wheel dolly as evidenced by the track marks in the driveway. No suspects or leads were ever discovered.

They both hope that now that time has gone by maybe someone will come forward,  they just want to know if he is still around or not so they can have some type of closure. Vinnie has his own website which offers a $400 reward to anyone who finds him. For more information about this awesome couple and their beloved statue CLICK HERE

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