Corey Veech Memorial Field in Hermantown has quite the reputation and not a good one at that. It has been dubbed the "swamp" and "slop" but hopefully by next Fall nobody will be calling it that again. Thanks to a $1 million donation from Centricity Credit Union to put towards artificial turf on the field.

Hermantown superintendent Kerry Juntunen said “With the expense of these fields, they are so huge, so we started a few years ago trying to find an educational sponsor who would come on, alongside us, and help us with this. We talked to several organizations and, finally, we found that the local credit union, Centricity, was looking for a way to get their name out there and they said it was a perfect fit for them.”

In exchange for the donation, the stadium will carry the Centricity Credit Union name for 15 years, but the field will still go by the name Corey Veech Memorial Field. The $1million donation will not cover the entire expense to place the artificial turf on the field so the district will fill in the gap with operating capital funds that have been set aside for education facilities.

Besides Football, Soccer and and LaCrosse to be played on the new field the school district also plans to use the new artificial turf for physical education classes as well. Hermantown football coach Mike Zagelmeyer said the artificial turf will bring a sense of pride to the team. As I am sure it will for everyone involved. For more in this story click here.

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