As if we don't have enough scams to keep track of as it is, here's yet another one you will want to be aware of.

The Osseo Police Department took to their Facebook page Tuesday (May 11) to warn locals and state residents about a scam that is circulating in the area. This scam shows that scammers are going the extra mile to prey on people based on the effort doing this would take.

According to the Osseo PD, locals in the area have been receiving a letter in the mail and/or emails from a scammer posing as a member of Minnesota law enforcement. The letters and emails state that they are raising funds for the Osseo Police Department and would love to get a monetary donation for the cause.

The Osseo Police Department did not go into detail about how the scammers wanted the money or how scammers go about requesting the funds, but they do say to use caution any time you are asked to donate money.

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They also encourage any locals who get a letter or email like this to do some research and to be skeptical of anyone claiming to be from a certain law enforcement agency. It just takes a few minutes to call up a law enforcement agency and verify if something is from them. Most likely, it will not be.

By the way, Osseo is just a few hours drive from the Twin Ports so it is possible the scam could move into our area.

There always seems to be some kind of scam to talk about. Recently, the Minnesota National Guard was the victim of scammers. The Minnesota National Guard took to Facebook to warn their followers of fake accounts being used under there name, with scammers asking their supporters for money.

Scammers are also taking advantage of the pandemic and have been doing so since it began in early 2020. Most recently, the Better Business Bureau warned of a COVID-19 vaccine scam where scammers offer to come to your house and vaccinate you for a fee.

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