Are Hilary Duff and Scott Eastwood getting together? Quite possibly!

It's only been a few weeks since the Dignity singing-acting superstar's relationship with trainer Jason Walsh reportedly ended, but there's already an alleged new love blossoming between Duff and Suicide Squad's Scott Eastwood.

While the Breathe In. Breathe Out. pop princess was out dining with a girlfriend over the past weekend at Catch LA, Scott Eastwood reportedly "entered the picture where the two began to have a conversation," says E! News. (Did he come over to their table and ask them to borrow a butter knife? Unclear how that works.)

A 'source' tells E! that "at one point, [Duff] was very flirtatious with Scott."

And what's more: the two allegedly left the restaurant together to go clubbing — although nothing went down there: "A separate source tells E! News that the pair left the restaurant together and went to 1OAK nightclub nearby. But before you expect to hear anything super juicy, it appears that nothing romantic was going on. 'They were very casually chatting but no obvious PDA,' our insider shared."

Still, is this the start of a Duff-Eastwood romantic pairing? Maybe it's not so in our "Wildest Dreams," after all.

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