I remember the Budweiser Wazzzup phrase very well, it came in hot around 1999 and had got pushed out about two years later. Everyone and your mother were saying it.

But in hindsight it was super funny and definitely universal. At the height of it, you could walk into a room say Wazzzzzzzzzzzzup and almost everyone would respond the same way back to you. Of course you had to make sure your tongue was sticking out as far as possible too !

This was a phenomenon and not just for beer drinkers, but old and young alike. Popular culture at it's finest. A genius marketing tool for sure, but it crossed all over. Now fast forward to today, smaller breweries are popping up everywhere and behold Craft Beer has  surged all over the the country and in the Northland too.

Now more than ever the average consumer has a huge variety of options of all different kinds of beer, be it traditional long standing brands or something new and experimental. Whether you are a beer connoisseur or just like to try new things the Twin Ports on Tap event is just for you. Outside on beautiful Barkers Island in Superior you will have  a chance to taste test a huge variety of brews. For more info. and tickets CLICK HERE 

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