A grocery store to serve wine and beer.  Of course your man will volunteer to pick up that box of feminine hygiene products and gallon of milk if he knows he'll be able to belly up and grab a brew at the end of the pet food aisle!  This way the guys can't complain about it.  They get the necessities off the list, and take a load of and chit chat with the barkeep about how tough it is to go home to kids crying, diapers stinking, dogs slobbering and a wife that won't stop talking about her feelings.  I can see it now...

According to an article in USA Today:

In the past 18 months, small, locally focused bars have opened inside five Whole Foods Markets in California, and two each in Arizona, Illinois and Texas, among others. Earlier this month, it opened one inside its chi-chi flagship store in Austin.  By 2012, the 305-store chain plans to open at least seven more bars — even one in Hawaii, says co-CEO Walter Robb.

“Coming out of the recession, people are looking for affordable luxuries and more intimate experiences,” he says.

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Hey!  Wait a minute.  Why are we telling the guys this secret?  We, as women, should keep this on the down low.  Turn those, "Honey, can you run to the store to get..." into "You stay here and relax.   I'll go get the milk.  Mommy needs some alone time."