Enjoyment of the Great Outdoors can sometimes be hampered by those pesky little mosquitoes. Stopping the itch from the bites they leave behind often requires regularly re-applying medication, which you might not have with you on an outdoor adventure. Here are some alternative remedies to stop itchy mosquito bites:

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    The Heat Treatment

    The simplest method I have seen is to use some good old-fashioned heat. Heating up a spoon (keep in mind you don't want it hot enough to burn yourself - something like sticking your spoon in a cup of hot coffee), then applying the heated spoon to the bite alleviates the itch.

    Science says this works because it breaks down the proteins that lead to that itchy feeling.

    Besides heating up a spoon (or other hunk of metal), there are actually battery-powered devices on the market you can buy from stores that offer the same results. Some have suggested using a towel soaked in hot water to offer the same results.

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    Getting Pasty

    Some people swear by this method. Make a paste from warm water and baking soda, using a ratio of one tablespoon to one pint of water. Leave the paste on the bite for about five minutes, then wash it off with warm water.

    Some also recommend using a minty toothpaste. In this case, apply the toothpaste and allow it to dry. If desired, you can rinse it off after 5-10 minutes with warm water.

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    Juice Up

    Applying a slice of lemon to the affected area offers some relief, allowing the acids in the fruit to combat the chemicals that cause the itch. You could also simply squirt some lemon juice onto the bites if you've been bitten in multiple places and don't want to hold lemon slices all over your body.

  • D

    Wet Aspirin

    Get your skin wet in the area of the bite and rub an aspirin on the bite to get some relief.

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