I like to think I'm an intelligent individual.  However, sometimes I do things that are just plain, stupid.

Like every Thursday, I was out at The Reef last night.  They had one of those punching bags there that measure how hard you hit.  As I was walking by people were discussing the different techniques to use when punching.


Of course I had to jump in.  If you recall back in 2006 I decided it would be a good idea to train for a couple months and enter a Mixed Martial Arts competition.


I trained really hard in Jeet Kun Do.  This was the fighting style that Bruce Lee developed.


Well sadly, as you can see by this picture, things didn't turn out to well.

Here's the next day to just show you how well I didn't do.





I digress.  There they are talking about how to punch so I join in talk about what I was taught.  Someone threw in some money and the first up was a girl.  She did well.  Then they insisted I do it next.  I haven't hit a bag in a month or two but I thought to myself 'Meh, why not?'.

So I focused on my form and threw a punch.  As the score tallied up pain ran through my shoulder blade and down my arm.  I totally pulled something.  What's worse is I have a tendency to make a less than manly shriek when I am hurt. However, what was even worse than that is the score finally tallied up on the machine, the score I received was barely above the girl who had just gone.


Chris Tyler

And here I am today with their giggles haunting my memory.