You may have seen something on social media about 7 year old Emma Mertens she is the little girl from Hartland Wisconsin who in late January was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), a rare and inoperable brain tumor. Emma absolutely loves dogs and so family and friends started sending her pictures of their dogs to help keep her spirits up. I posted a picture on her page of our chihuahua named Tinky. :)

As word got around through local and social media Emma has received letters and pictures of dogs from around the world. According to " Since she was diagnosed with the brain tumor, Emma has received more than 75,000 well wishes from across the world, and their "Team Emma" GoFundMe campaign has raised nearly $125,000. Emma  gets still gets thousands of emails per hour, along with a truckload of mail each day."

The latest out pouring of support came from various Wisconsin K-9 Officers and their partners through out the state who came to visit Emma. If you would like to send Emma a picture of your dog or just to wish her happy thoughts Click Here



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