You may have a pretty long list of Facebook friends, (1,456 Friends, really?) but when it comes to close ones you confide in, it’s a very short list.

According to a study, Americans have two true friends. That’s down from 3 friends just 25 years ago.

People in the study were asked to list the names of people they had discussed "important matters" with over the past six months. Two

I must be pretty cool, because I have 5!! And yes, that includes my husband and my mom.

From the article at,

About 48 percent of participants listed one name, 18 percent listed two, and roughly 29 percent listed more than two names for these close friends. On average, participants had 2.03 confidantes. And just over 4 percent of participants didn't list any names.

How many friends do you have that you confide in?  Are your parents, spouse, or pets among those you confide in?  It's totally ok, I'm right there with you.