Have you ever heard of the term Office Spouse? In a recent survey 65% of people said that they have an Office Husband or Wife.

A work spouse is your closest ally at work, someone with whom you share frustrations, brainstorming sessions, inside jokes, maybe even your lunch. This person is your best friend and confidante until the clock strikes 5, when you both retreat to separate personal lives.

Surprisingly in this same survey only 8% of people took this relationship to the next level....and actually began a physical relationship. Uh, call me crazy, but I think that is the percentage of people who admitted it. :)

With all the time we spend at work , it is healthy to have someone like this in your corner, but I would think you to both have  be on the same page as far as the relationship goes, otherwise Trouble! Here are some Pros and Con's for this type of work  relationship.