Like many individuals and companies with the COVID-19 Pandemic they have had to adjust their lives both personally and professionally. One such company is Star Exhibits based out of Brooklyn Park Minnesota. The last 9 months has been a huge struggle for them since most of their business being corporate events have been canceled.

So the company decided to shift gears and focus on people being stuck at home during the pandemic. With more people than ever working from home, or kids are  doing distance learning and even gyms closed where do we go to get away and get work or a work out done?

Their brain child is called My Backyard Studios . A individual space that you design that is all your own. Whether it is for work or play the idea of this is taking off. We have all heard for years about the "Man Cave" or she "She Shed" which is along this same concept but could be your home office, gym, or school for your kids, whatever you need. Plus these are no sheds, they are amazing!

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CEO Mark Johnson said to WCCO/CBS

This trend of working from home was already started and this pandemic was just going to exploit that. There’s people who have to do their business outside the home, but even if you can do it inside there is that personal value of having a break between that and having a special space as your sanctuary.

With several designs to choose from these "sanctuaries" can be custom designed to include insulation, Air conditioning, electric whatever you want. As expected these are not cheap in price either starting at $17,000, but for some people keeping their sanity makes it worth every penny.

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