Here it comes, Valentine's Day, which some people begrudgingly call a "Hallmark Holiday." But if you are in a relationship chances are whether you like the holiday or not, you want to do something to show your significant other that you care.

This can vary widely depending on your budget and what you partner may or may not like. I know a few women who hate getting flowers, they say they are a waste of money and they don't last.

So whatever you plan on spending make sure to put some thought into it. I look at it as it is not the cost that matters it is how much that person would enjoy what you give them. This could be something simple or homeade as long as you are giving it from the heart. Awwwww :)

The average person spends $150 on Valentine's Day. I personally think that is a little high, but if you throw in a nice dinner that could all add up pretty quickly. We at MIX 108 decided to throw it out on Facebook and ask what you plan on spending on Valentines Day?

The average seemed to be pretty low. Here are a couple highlights:

  • Kristen S.-Less than $25. We have been together for 14 years and 6 kids between us we don't need a "holiday" to express our love... We show it every day without cheaply made but expensively priced gifts.
  • Bernie C. -We will probably pick up a steelhead fillet and asparagus for dinner at home. We'll likely each buy something for ourselves while out and about. (Another orchid for me to try to kill and a PS4 game for him.)
  • Melissa J.- Me and my sister are gonna make some steak and shrimp and drink champagne at her place
  • Nathan P.- $0 - I don't need to buy any of this junk!!!
  • Wesley B. - Over $150
  • Lori S. -  $ 00.00

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