A quick look out your window will tell you it is miserable outside. Heavy snow that has fallen at rates of 1-2 inches an hour at times has been accumulating through the day on Saturday in a snow event that some weather experts were suggesting could be one of Duluth's biggest ever.

While there is still plenty of snow to fall, we were curious how much we've gotten so far. The National Weather Service has been collecting snowfall reports through the day, and we grabbed some of the most recent reports to give you an idea of how much we've received around the area. We will, of course, give you an update for grand totals once the storm is done. In the meantime, here's what has fallen so far:

  • 12.5 inches - Duluth NWS Office as of 10:00 pm Saturday
  • 9.3 inches - 7 miles ESE of Superior, WI as of 10:00 pm Saturday
  • 9.2 inches - Holyoke, MN as of 7:00 pm Saturday
  • 9 inches - 6 miles ENE of Rice Lake, MN as of 9:44 pm Saturday
  • 8.8 inches - Cornucopia, WI as of 7:49 pm Saturday
  • 8.8 inches - Bayfield, WI as of 7:49 pm Saturday
  • 8.2 inches - Mahtowa, MN as of 7:45 pm Saturday
  • 7.5 inches - Mellen, WI as of 7:30 pm Saturday
  • 7 inches - Saginaw, MN as of 5:21 pm Saturday
  • 6.6 inches - Esko, MN as of 6:23 pm Saturday
  • 5.5 inches - Gile, WI as of 9:56 pm Saturday
  • 3 inches - Coleraine, MN as of 7:23 pm Saturday
  • 1 inch - Ely, MN as of 6:55 pm Saturday

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