My husband and I agree on so many things, it's no wonder we're still enjoying our "honeymoon phase" after almost 7 years together, going on 3 years of marriage.  One thing we do disagree on is how much we pay the babysitter for our three kids.  Most of the time he feels like we're not paying enough.  I think we pay too much.Unless you're fortunate enough to have friends and family close who offer to watch your children for free, or on a barter system (you watch my kids and I'll watch yours) then chances are you need to turn to finding a babysitter.

Would you be surprised to hear that parents in the Northeastern part of the country are paying the highest rates for babysitters in the country ranging anywhere from $12 to $20 dollars an hour with an average of $15.50?

The average hourly rate per child nationally, is $12.75.  It seems pretty pricey to me, but that is an average across the country.

If you use the services of a babysitter, what is the going rate  these days?  Do you pay per child, per hour?  Or a flat rate?  What is a fair rate for the Northland?


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