We've all heard the Twelve Days of Christmas song, many of us fond of the Muppets version of the familiar carol. If someone actually wanted to buy the whole list of items in the song, how much would it cost?

Luckily, someone has an answer to that question! PNC Wealth Management annually assesses the whole shopping list as an exercise in getting a pulse on the economy during the holiday season. I know, it sounds kind of dry and un-Christmas on the surface, but it is kind of amazing seeing the numbers of what it would actually take to purchase such a list of Christmas gifts.

So, how expensive are all twelve gifts in the song this year? They aren't cheap. The price listed for each item is the total price for the gift (i.e. all 7 swans-a-swimming, etc.)

12 Days of Christmas Gift Price Chart

NumberItem2012 Price2011 Price2002 Price1992 Price
1Partridge in a Pear Tree$204.99$184.99$102.50$27.50
2Turtle Doves$125.00$125.00$58.00$50.00
3French Hens$165.00$150.00$15.00$15.00
4Calling Birds$519.96$519.96$316.00$280.00
5Gold Rings$750.00$645.00$382.50$300.00
9Ladies Dancing$6,294.13$6,294.13$4,107.65$2,606.83
11Pipers Piping$2,562.00$2,427.60$1,614.60$1,053.00
12Drummers Drumming$2,775.50$2,629.90$1,749.15$1,140.75

This year's total price is up $1,168 from last year's price. The 3.5% increase in price from 2011 is attributed by PNC to an improved economy, inflation, and environmental conditions that impact the agricultural items on the list.

Most interesting is the fact that 8 maids milking are less than half as much as two turtle doves. Who would have guessed?







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