For many people their is so much hype and excitement surrounding the Holidays that when they are over it can be a real downer. Then lets throw in going back to work.

I have always joked with my co-workers that it almost seems like more work trying to get everything done just to take a day or two off, but it is necessary to recharge the batteries once in a while.

Actually yesterday was the hardest, the first Monday back of the New Year, since many people got a day or two off for Christmas and New Years day so this is the first full week for many, On the Twitterverse it was #backtoworkblues .

Dr. Angelos Halaris  from Loyola University in Illinois says that this feeling of post holiday crashing could last this week into next. So what can you do to help yourself get through it ?

  • Treat your colleagues and some family members as if they are insane, everyone is feeling this way.
  • Try to ease back into work.
  • Don't dwell, and move on.
  • Push yourself to interact with others, don't isolate


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