Most of us have a been in the situation where we had a workplace bully, or someone who for whatever reason, we could not stand.

If this person is your boss, the situation becomes even worse, but you can deal, and hopefully make the situation better.

I am lucky in that everyone I worked with like this in the past is just that, the past. Fortunately, everyone that I work with at present is awesome, and we all work together as a team.

When you can't trust your co-workers, or don't get along it can make for a long day, But, what if you like your job despite this one person, what do you do? According to MONSTER they have compiled a list of  6 different steps to help you through it.

Here is my take on a few of these:

1.) Be Brutally Honest-whew that is a tough one, and it sure depends on the other person. Are they going to flip out, cry, get defensive.....the list goes on. I understand that some people are oblivious they don't have a switch and say whatever is on their mind, but if you are an adult switch or not, you know better.

2) Rise Above Bad Workplace Behavior: Easier said than done, take it from me it is like a poison that eventually will affect everyone in some way, Like my dad said "Kill them with kindness," again not so easy.

If your workplace makes you feel like you are back on High School again click here for the complete list.



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