Happy April Fools Day! Honestly I am not much of a prankster mostly because i grew up the youngest of five kids. My brothers and sisters pulled pranks on me on a daily basis, so I knew I could never get away with a prank on any of them.

Let's go back to 2014 and I am an adult who has watched way too many videos of people pranking each other so I decided to give it a try. Now here is a little bit of background. Generally when anyone brings food  into the radio station nobody will touch it unless their is a note saying who it is from. Even the most hard core eaters stay away. The reason being you never know what a complete stranger or disgruntled fellow employee might try to do to your food.

So I saw a video that I had to try on my co-workers. Fill donuts with mayonnaise and record it which we did. Sounds pretty gross right?

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The best part of the video is to see who is willing to grab a random donut, who comes back for more and also watch as one of my former co-workers even practices his golf swing. LOL. The things people do when they think nobody is watching. The end result? Nobody had said their donut was gross so obviously I did not use enough mayonnaise, but it was still super fun to do. I would not do a food prank again though because so many people are allergic to so many things I would be afraid I would make somebody sick. Check out the video below.

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