Well, this is different.

Sometimes it is fun to go check out the 'missed connection' section of Craiglist. You never know exactly what you are going to find.

I recently did a little browsing on the page and got a good laugh but one ad stuck out to me more than any others. Apparently, a Duluthian wants someone's help pulling a prank. Check out part of the post below:

I am needing to pull a prank on someone and it's a long story (which I am willing to share with the right person)
I need either a female age 25-32 that can pick up from where I drop off a convo (can give a background so you know what to do and say)
Or a Male that is older (55-65) that has a quick brain to keep my convo going.

Ha! I love pranks but I am not sure how I feel about this one. According to the rest of the ad, the poster wants this person to meet up with a different person in real life to carry out the rest of the prank.

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