Is the clown craze of 2016 making its way back around? Hopefully not but this isn't very comforting.

A red balloon was found creeping out of a sewer grate over the weekend. (Of course, this is an homage to Pennywise and the classic Halloween horror flick IT, which just dropped in September.)

Take a look at the spooky picture below:

The photo was posted by a Reddit user, who stated that a "killer clown seems to be on the loose" in the Lowry Hill neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Comments under the photo range from people thinking it is funny to other Minneapolis residents saying they would DEFINITELY take a different route if they came across this silly prank.

About two years ago, the Cloquet Police Department responded to a similar prank in the area. Someone tied a red balloon to a sewer, similar to this one. Thankfully, the CPD have a great sense of humor and took it all in stride! If I ever saw a red balloon in the open, I would not. Ha!

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