Whether you are someone that goes to Valleyfair once every summer or especially multiple times a year I did a little research  to see how you can enjoy yourself without breaking the bank. When you go to any kind of amusement park there are a lot of  expenses that add up quickly, parking, admission, drinks and food just to name a few. Just like a movie theater once you are in the park that is where they really make their money, so on a 80 degree day you might be willing to pay $8 for a bottle of water (not sure how much it actually costs but from what I have heard that sounds pretty close.)

As far as food goes I have had many friends who pack lunches ion a cooler and go out to the car to eat especially when they have kids in tow, but with a little planning some of the deals they offer could really save you some money in the end.

* If you are someone that goes to Valleyfair once per season then consider this. A general admission ticket for One day is $34 before taxes and fees and that does not include parking which is around $17. You have already spent $51 just to get in the park! Add food and drinks onto that it could easily push $100.

Option One -

FUNDAY BUNDLE you will save $41 Off the Front Gate Price and it Includes Admission, Parking and a Single Meal Deal. With the Single Meal Deal, enjoy an entree, side and regular size fountain drink at one participating location. Cost $44.99 plus tax and fees.

Option Two-

ALL DAY DINING & SNACK You won't go hungry while saving a bundle. Enjoy an entrée and a side every 90 minutes throughout your visit and one snack for the day at participating restaurants inside the park. Add food to your fun with the All Day Dining Plan. $34.99 Plus Tax

* If you plan on going to Valleyfair more than once this Season check out these deals:

2019 GOLD PASS Enjoy Unlimited Visits to Valleyfair every public operating day in 2019 including Soak City and ValleySCARE, plus Free Parking. Best of all, your Gold Pass includes food and merchandise discounts, exclusive ride times and more. $89 plus taxes and Fees and you can also pay in payments.

2019 VALUE PASS Enjoy Unlimited Visits Through September 15, 2019 Visit Valleyfair as many times as you want through September 15, 2019 with a Value Pass. Does not include ValleySCARE, parking or Season Pass offers, including Bring-A-Friend Days. $80 plus taxes and fees, you can also pay in payments.

ALL SEASON DINING Stay fueled for the thrills all season when you add the All Season Dining plan to your Season Pass! For one low price, enjoy lunch and dinner during every visit! $89 plus tax and fees.

Only valid for 2019 visits. Dining Plan participating locations & menus subject to change without notice. Operating hours vary by location. There is a 4-hour interval between meals. Drinks are not included.

ALL SEASON DRINK REFILLS  Choose between the All Season Souvenir Bottle or go bottle-free with the Season Pass Drink Plan and refresh every visit in 2019 with unlimited drink refills for one low price! Enjoy refreshing Coca-Cola beverages including Minute Maid Lemonade, Powerade and Fuze Iced Tea all season! $29.99 plus tax and fees.

Only valid for 2019 visits. You may refill as often as you like with a time window of 15 minutes between refills.


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