Buzz around this announcement started last week when Valleyfair began teasing it through their social media channels, and today they gave the news that a lot of people were hoping for.

Minnesota's largest theme park is once again going BIG for Halloween with the return of ValleyScare, a nighttime event that they say will be "more intense than ever before!" Valleyfair says that the event will return from the dead "with an expanded lineup of thrills and chills."

What is New at ValleyScare?

Unlike before, ValleyScare will now be a stand-alone event, meaning that if you spent the day at Valleyfair, you'll need to buy a separate ticket to be able to attend the ValleyScare event in the evening.


ValleyScare will offer guests 6 immersive haunted mazes, 3 of which that will be completely new experiences, 3 scare zones that have been redesigned, and a variety of other entertainment including shows and other spooky surprises. Valleyfair will also being running some of their top thrill rides for a unique late night ride experience.

When is ValleyScare, and When Do Tickets Go On Sale?

Guests will also be treated to a selection of Halloween inspired food and beverage options during the event that will open on select Fridays and Saturdays between September 21st through October 26th. Tickets for ValleyScare will go on sale later this summer.


To combat the unruly behavior that happened in the past that forced Valleyfair to cancel ValleyScare in the first place, Valleyfair will be implementing a bag policy during the event and strongly enforcing their chaperone policy, and they won't allow re-entry into the event once you leave.

Raul Rehnborg, Vice President of Valleyfair says, "We heard you loud and clear, and I am excited to welcome back our talented team of monsters to bring the scares back to our park for the Halloween season." Great, now all we need is a new coaster, can you please work on that next, Raul?

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