Minnesota's largest theme park is getting ready for a new season, and they are hyping a big announcement for tomorrow, April 2nd, but what could it be?

Last week, Valleyfair started to tease the date 4/2, what could the theme park be planning? In a video posted to Facebook, viewers are shown about 25-sconds of footage of people having a great time on rides and throughout the park during the day, when suddenly the surfer music cuts out and the video ends with a shot of the park at night with a thundering sound effect and font that simply says, "4/2".

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Most are speculating that Valleyfair is about to announce the return of the fan favorite "ValleyScare" event, the event was last held in 2021, but after several instances of unruly behavior the park decided to cancel the event for 2022 and 2023, but could 2024 see the return of this popular event? Or is it something else?

In recent years, Valleyfair has leaned into a more family-friendly event called "Tricks and Treats", and it appears that they will continue that event in 2024, as they announced its return earlier this month along with all the other additions for 2024, but they apparently left something out of that announcement that they'll share tomorrow.

I'm still holding out hope that Valleyfair wants us to think ValleyScare is returning, but in reality, the theme park will announce its first new roller coaster in over 15 years. Rumors have been pointing at Valleyfair opening a new B&M Inverted coaster in 2025, @Coasterfan421 on X shared a photo of some land being cleared at the park last year, are they making room for a new coaster?

Jordan Sternberg
Jordan Sternberg

Stay tuned, we will update you as soon as Valleyfair makes their big announcement, I suspect that ValleyScare will be announced tomorrow, with a bigger new coaster announcement coming later this year, after all, they wouldn't want people to put off a trip to Valleyfair this summer in anticipation for a new coaster coming next year.

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