'Tis the season for lights, Christmas trees, and stockings hung with care, but also it is the time that thieves like to prey on peoples homes and possessions. This is not like the Home Alone movie where a 10 year old boy can out wit two bumbling burglars, for many this is a real life crime.

This time of year is very unusual in that many houses on the block with the bright lights and decorations may make certain houses stick out more than others, plus with gifts everywhere it can make it very tempting for thieves.

We all know the obvious steps to take like locking your doors, keeping the areas around the house well lit, but Yahoo.com has some ideas you may not even have thought of. I have noticed in the 13 plus years I have lived in Duluth, that many people in this area still stand by the fact that crime is not as bad as in other places and don't ever lock their doors.

Crime can happen anywhere in any neighborhood, and in your vehicles as well. So try to take the necessary precautions for you and your family to help ensure a safe and Happy Holiday ahead.

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