Even the most awesome, loving parents and siblings can get on each others nerves after a few days all cramped in the same house, so here are some help hints on how to survive.

Thanksgiving is behind us which is usually a quick dry run for the other Holidays this time of year. How can you not get along when you stuff yourself on some delicious food and for some, adult beverages too?

But Christmas can be a whole different deal, it can bring up some good memories and bad. If you are like me and did not stay in the city or town you grew up in, going home for the Holidays can be a real treat, but things can also go south pretty fast, so you need a plan.

  1. Get a Hotel Room-Even If you go home for the Holidays by yourself you do not want to stay at your parents or grandparents house. Not that you don't love them or thoroughly enjoy their company, but at some point you might want to just get away and have time for yourself or with your significant other.
  2. Set Up Adult Play Dates: whether this is with old friends or your adult siblings, at some point you all are gonna want to get out and cut loose. It is very important to make plans ahead of time so you don't get stuck listening to the same stories over and over again.
  3. Take a Family Outing That Involves Some Physical Activity: I am all about laying around, eating and taking naps during the Holidays, but a good old fashioned snow ball fight, sledding, bowling, or even a stroll in the snow is a great stress reliever and can help you from feeling guilty about how much food you have eaten.
  4. Stay away from Controversial Topics: Know your audience and if one of your relatives starts getting out of hand, reel them in quickly. If you have a sibling that has similar views as you, tag team to help prevent W.W. III.
  5. Communicate ahead of time about gifts: If your family has a set dollar limit on presents or picks a name make sure this is discussed well before you arrive. You don't want to be the person who got a cheap gift or one way to expensive. Even If you have a ton of money, don't show off, this is your family after all.
  6. Have an exit strategy: If you have had enough of the Holiday Cheer make sure you have an exit strategy. Look out for weather conditions, and pay attention to your flight schedule. If you truly have had enough, you want to make sure you can get the heck out of town. If you live in the same town as your family you may have to use the old I don't feel well excuse to go home.