Yes this is a strange question, but until last week I really had not given pears much thought. I love fruit, but this one type is not one of my favorites...until now.

Starkrimson Pear Photo courtesy of Jeanne Ryan/TownsquareMedia
Starkrimson Pear Photo courtesy of Jeanne Ryan/TownsquareMedia

Last week I was doing a Live broadcast for a company called The Fruit Club which travels to a variety of states and sells fresh fruit right from the orchard to you. The day that I was their they were selling pears, the Bartlett ones which I am familiar with and then these odd looking light purple ones as well.

Before I left I was given a bunch of these purple wonders to take home, knowing I was not a big pear fan, but was told these are way sweeter and not as gritty. Wow, what do you know....delicious!  These type of pears are called Starrimson it is very juicy when ripe and is perfect for salads or snacking. Also I learned the best way to check if pears are ripe is to squeeze the neck not the fat body part. If the body of a pear is soft it is no good.


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