The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug was first found in the United States in 1998 and in Minnesota back in 2010. Native to Asia this disgusting bug is not only gross to look at but can be super destructive. In Minnesota they have been known to destroy crops of apples, grapes, soybeans and other vegetables.

Due to our harsh winters these bugs could very well be in your home waiting for the warmer weather to head outside and feed. When these particular bugs feed on an apple for instance they insect create cork-like dead spots that can become sunken making the fruit unsuitable for sale. The damage is superficial looking like a bruise on the inside. The fruit is safe to eat, however most people would pass. An invasion of these bugs on an orchard could mean huge losses in crops.

So how do these pests get in your house? The same way other bugs do, cracks in the foundation, gaps in windows and door frames etc. The main thing to remember with these bugs is that they are called stink bugs for a reason DO NOT SMASH THEM or you will be in for a royal surprise. Apparently the smell from these things is absolutely horrid, so you can imagine if you would smash more than one. Hence the name stink bug.

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So If you are unlucky enough to have these bugs in or around your home check out the video below that will show you an all natural solution on how to dispose of them. And to prevent them from coming inside in the future!

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