With the news that Jimmy Fallon will soon take over 'The Tonight Show' so Jay Leno can finally retire (again), someone will have to fill Fallon's time slot.

Who will it be? If insiders are to be believed, none other than shock-jock and 'America's Got Talent' host Howard Stern.

After all, he's proven he can be on a major network without swearing (much), talking about breast implants ad nauseum, or making too many children cry.

Despite the fact that he's only three years younger than Leno, his stint on 'AGT' has made him popular with the much younger viewers advertisers love.

According to his "too hot for him" wife, Beth Ostrosky, who talked to the New York Post, “We were in a hotel and all these little kids recognize him now as the judge from ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Usually it’s their dads. But now it is screaming little kids. People are now seeing him for who he really is.”

“He is one of the best interviewers out there,” she gushed. When asked if Stern would be willing to take the late-night seat, she promised she would talk to him about it.

His agent's lips are currently sealed about the whole thing, and for what it's worth, a source at NBC says the entire rumor is bunk. And since much of the shuffling relies on Leno retiring and actually meaning it, it could all be for naught anyway.

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