The state of Minnesota is on the verge of expanding the variety of fireworks you'll be able to purchase in the state.  For years Minnesotans had to travel long and far to even get a firecracker or sparkler to celebrate the 4th of July, then along came the former pro-wrestler Governor who managed to expand the laws to allow lame "non aerial" fireworks.

We fast forward to today where a bill has passed the Senate that would allow for citizens to buy the "good stuff" you know what I'm talking about, the stuff that you went to Wisconsin to buy.  That's exactly what the state of Minnesota hopes to stop, they want those tax dollars.

If the full house passes the bill it will go to Governor Dayton's desk where it is expected to become law on June 1st with his signature, just in time to set up those beloved road side armories for the 4th of July warriors out there.

Here are 5 explosive fireworks I'm buying in Minnesota this year:

Boom Boom Pow!

Jumping Cyber Monkeys

Haunted House

Bangin' Hard

Defcon 7