A quick, one-day project will bring a closure to a busy exit ramp along the I-35 corridor in the Twin Ports.  Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation are alerting drivers that the I-535 northbound exit ramp to Garfield Avenue will be closed to all traffic on Wednesday, March 3 - with work being performed between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM.  The closure will involve a detour for drivers to follow.

The closure is being necessitated by some general maintenance and repairs needed in that spot of the freeway.  Work crews with the Minnesota Department of Transportation will be working to repair a guardrail and also install some signage in that area.

During the closure of the I-535 northbound Exit ramp to Garfield Avenue, drivers will be instructed to follow the posted detour. Signs will instruct motorists to continue on northbound I-535 to 21st Avenue West and then back to southbound I-535.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation fully expects to complete the work involved during the scheduled date and time on March 3.  However, if conditions warrant - they have scheduled that the work could resume again on Thursday, March 4 - if needed - in order to complete the repairs and sign installation.

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Drivers will want to be extra-cautious in this area. This particular spot of the I-35 corridor in Duluth has been extra-busy with road construction projects - and will continue to be that way for the unforeseeable future.  Two high-profile projects are currently being worked on along that stretch of I-35 - both the Twin Ports Interchange Project (Can of Worms) and the construction of a new bridge crossing I-35 at 27th Avenue West.

To get more information about this road project or any of the work being scheduled by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, click here.

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