This is not how a day on the links should go.

We don't know the exact backstory here, except a man fails miserably while trying to hit a golf ball atop a frozen body of water. We can't tell for sure, but it looks like the ball is on a tee, which is a feat unto itself since we have no idea how you can get a tee to stay on a patch of ice.

Regardless, the man swings and that's when the problems start.

That's some serious double trouble. One, he completely whiffs on the ball, which should be a penalty stroke. Two, he falls and falls hard, going right through the ice. Instead of golf, he would've been wise to take up swimming because this snafu practically makes him a member of the Polar Bear Club or at least as impervious to cold as a Vikings fan.

Like many golfers, he endured a tough round. Unlike many people, though, that involved the chance of hypothermia. A word of advice: perhaps consider an indoor sport in the winter months.