According to a public health warning has been issued after 14 people became sick after eating vegetable trays that they purchased at Kwik Trip in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

As of Saturday 11 people in Wisconsin and 3 people in Minnesota have come down with the cyclospora infection soon after eating a Del Monte Vegetable tray that they purchased at a Kwik Trip store. These particular Del Monte vegetable trays contain broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and a dill dip, and come in 6 oz and 12 oz packages.

The Health Departments from Minnesota and Wisconsin have both stated that these products may be available or sold at other locations as well, and have advised consumers not to eat them.

Symptoms of Cyclospora infection include: Frequent watery diarrhea, Loss of appetite and weight, Cramping, bloating, and/or increased gas ,Nausea (vomiting is less common) Fatigue, and a Low-grade fever. If you or anyone you know is displaying these symptoms you should seek medical attention immediately.

Cyclospora is a parasite commonly found in developing countries, and those that are diagnosed with this infection usually have traveled. The Wisconsin Department of Health says that it may take up to a week for symptoms to appear.



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