Is it just me or does it seem like people are acting even more entitled then ever before? I have never heard so many stories of people who are blatantly yelling out racist things at people, to physical altercations with store employees about face masks. The list  goes on and on, there is a huge divide in this country and it is getting worse.

This story may seem fairly mild compared to others but to me it is the whole point that this couple had the audacity to feel that their political views  gave them the right to do this in the first place.

Andy DeLisi, is the owner of Big Bear Lodge in Grand Marais and he chose to post a "Black Lives Matter" Sign on the edge of his property which soon disappeared. So he made another sign and set up surveillance cameras, sure enough it caught a couple red handed getting out of their vehicle and taking the sign which eventually ended up in a ditch down the road.

DeLisi had noticed that the vehicle was light pink in color with Mary Kay inscribed on the side. Obviously these vehicles are not really commonplace, so it might be fairly easy to track down the couple. DeLisi took some stills from the video and gave them to the Cook County Sheriffs Office.

Through social media and his Facebook post shared hundreds of times the couple were later identified as Tom and Linda Bergason from Cedar Rapids, IA . They were staying at a resort on the Gunflint Trail. According to the report City Pages sites The Deputy said “I told them I had photos of them moving a Black Lives Matter sign and asked what they were doing? ”

According to the report "Linda told the deputy she’d gone to talk to DeLisi, but he hadn’t been there at the time, so they moved the sign. She told me she wanted to discuss the political subject and wanted to send a message."

According to City Pages the report goes on to say: " The deputy reportedly reminded Linda that the sign “was not her property” and therefore she should leave it alone or risk prosecution, and the couple allegedly agreed not to go back."

Again we all can agree to disagree that is human nature, but showing respect for others and their property is the mature way to handle yourself.

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