Randy's Cafe closed in August of last year and shocked a lot of people who loved going to the cafe in Duluth's West End neighborhood. Looks like the Lincoln Park Cafe will open in this location.

Randy's was absolutely my favorite place to get breakfast in the area. The service wasn't always the best, but it added to the charm and the place was always packed whenever I went. Plus, the food was generously portioned and tasted great!I was devastated last summer when the lights were shut off and closed.

I'm glad someone took over to open up a new cafe, but I'm always nervous to try new things. A picture of the 16th President Abraham Lincoln is in the middle of their sign, so I'm wondering if they're going for a Lincoln theme in Lincoln Park?

There's not a lot of information out there right now, other than the sign and a few boxes were inside the cafe. Hopefully they open up soon, because I'm dying to check out the new place. I'll keep this page updated as more information comes out.

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