It looks like Eva Longoria has left Wisteria Lane for Broadway.

The former ‘Desperate Housewives” star, 37, is reportedly dating New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

The duo was spotted at a supermarket in Bedminster, New Jersey, where the 25-year-old Sanchez owns a home — because, obviously, there’s no better way to woo a woman than to whisk her away to the produce aisle.

A source says, “It looks like they’re testing the waters.”

A day after their shopping adventure, Longoria reportedly put on a blonde wig when the two met friends for drinks at a New York City hotel.

Longoria and Sanchez’s romance seems to be moving quicker than a two-minute drill. They recently vacationed in the Caribbean, where they hit a few islands.

For Sanchez, dating a well-known sex symbol is about as second nature as shrugging off a potential quarterback controversy with Tim Tebow. He’s considered a bit of a heartthrob and has already been linked to supermodel Kate Upton.

Longoria, of course, has strolled down the athlete road before, having been married to San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker. She most recently dated Eduardo Cruz, brother of Penelope Cruz.

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