There's not many times when a Vikings fan and Packers fan have something in common, but in this case they do. It's expensive to be a fan of either team, according to a new study. The statistics add up the cost of things that die hard fans would have to buy each year and shows it in comparison to other teams.

The Green Bay Packers are number five on the list of 32 NFL teams. According to, it would cost a Packers fan $3,214.74 a year. Vikings fans came in at number 11 on the list at $3,105.35. Here's the factors that Pickwise used to add up:

  • Yearly ticket cost
  • Beer and hot dog at 1 per game
  • the cost of one cap and jersey per season
  • the cost of accommodations for away games (8 per season)

The most expensive team to be a fan of is the Las Vegas Raiders at $3,450.26. The least expensive team is the Cincinnati Bengals at $2,762.54. You can see the full rankings at 

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But, it's not just about the overall cost. They even break down the value for the money. How much does each fan pay per touchdown using these statistics? While you spend more being a Vikings or Packers fan, the teams do offer better value for the money. The packers are third on that list at costing just $48.71 per touchdown. Vikings are ninth on the list at $56.46 per touchdown. The Bills have the best value at $46.19 per touchdown.

For Vikings fans, let's not try to break it down for cost per playoff win. That would be painful to crunch those numbers.

The worst team for the value for fans is the New York Giants. They pay $117.03 per touchdown. Ouch.

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