After four years of serving up delicious Italian food in Superior, Sclavi's Italian Restaurant & Bar announced they will close its doors.

The restaurant announced the sad news on their Facebook page with the last day of service being December 29th. The restaurant is located on 1106 Tower Avenue and the post read:

A dream was achieved and now, the time to close has come...We would like to take the remaining weeks of business and invite you in for our last nights of service while we focus on the absolute fortunes and have come from this business above and beyond any dollar could ever provide; beautiful, happy, generous and exuberant customers that have become our family...In finale, they say the key to appetite is providing just enough so that you're satisfied in the moment but reasonably want more. We hope that we've satisfied your appetite and thank you from the depths of our hearts if you want more...


The restaurant will still be honoring gift cards until the last night of service. They will also be available for private events Sunday-Tuesday and lunch deliveries. They also went on to say they simply don't have enough revenue to stay operational any longer.

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