If you need a good show to binge watch and haven't watched 9-1-1 on FOX, give it a try and thank me later. Not only is it an awesome comedy and drama but it also gives a ton of love to Minnesota, often shouting it out in different episodes.

To get you up to speed before you watch the whole thing in one sitting like I did back in the day, the show follows an elite group of first responders in Los Angeles. The Captain of the team is named Bobby Nash and his character is from St. Paul, where he was born and raised and went on to start his career.

Because the character (and the real-life actor who plays him) is from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, they often mention Minnesota on the show! Sometimes it is funny and sometimes it is serious. More often than not, they are playing into some Minnesota stereotype that may or may not be true.

I noticed that Minnesota got yet another shout-out on the most recent episode, which is the twelfth episode of season six. The episode is called 'Recovery' and it revolves around Nash and his life path, including his time in St. Paul. For this reason, Minnesota got a handful of mentions during the episode!

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Although the state has been mentioned a bunch throughout the run of the show, it never gets old! I have been rewatching it lately and even noticed a shoutout I missed back in season two. At one point, the firefighters are in the truck when Nash talks about a time a blizzard caused some issues for him while on the job.

Considering the show takes place in Los Angeles and is filmed there, I am guessing the writers think that all it does is snow in Minnesota. Lately, that feels true so I guess I can't knock whoever came up with that line!

They have even given a shoutout to the Minnesota Twins so despite them poking fun at us once in awhile, maybe they are just big baseball fans. Either way, I am not mad about. In fact, I am dreaming of a Minnesota spinoff!

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