This one hits close to home - it is one of my very favorites! A popular Superior staple is permanently closed, just a short time after opening, sharing the news over the holiday weekend.

Bucktales Cantina & Grill is closed for good as of Saturday (July 6th). I was there last week and our waiter mentioned this was happening in the future, but didn't say exactly when.

The restaurant, located along Tower Avenue, shared the news on social media. They thanked the community and loyal customers for the support over the past decade.

The message also offered thanks to the city for showing them love over the years, and to their employees, saying everyone involved in the endeavor 'meant the world' to the owners.

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You can read the message posted to the official Facebook page below. Say it ain't so! The message does not explain the reasoning behind the closure.

Back in March of 2022, rumors were swirling that the famous Bucktales Mexican restaurant would be opening in Superior in the old Shorty's Pizza & Smoked Meats location.

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There was a twist though. Along with the purchase of the building, the owners also acquired all things Shorty's, meaning the menu and the likeness. This was a big deal, as Shorty's had been a local favorite, having been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives a handful of times over the years.

Courtesy of Bucktales Cantina & Grill via Facebook
Courtesy of Bucktales Cantina & Grill via Facebook

The 'new' Bucktales and Shorty's hybrid officially opened on Cinco de Mayo in May of 2022. At the time, the owners said they would be temporarily closing the other Bucktales location for the time being, which was located south of Superior.

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As of now, the website belonging to Bucktales is gone and there is no word of a relocation or hint of what will be moving into the spot in the future. I am really sad to see this one go. The poutine was my favorite dish in all of the Northland.

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