We haven't lost a laker on Lake Superior since the Edmund Fitzgerald in 1975. That's nearly 50 years, but that almost changed this weekend when the 698-foot vessel Michipicoten took on water and nearly sank.

It happened just before 7 am on Saturday, June 8th. The crew says the ship hit something submerged underwater and it punched a hole in the hull. The ship developed a shocking 15-degree list until they were able to get pumps going. They were able to make it to Thunder Bay where they are now investigating what caused the accident.

The Michipicoten was carrying taconite from Two Harbors, Minnesota.

It wasn't in shallow water.

At first, I thought she must have just run into some rocks or hit bottom or something. The accident happened 35 miles southwest of Isle Royale. The depth in that area is anywhere between 500-700 feet deep. That's plenty deep that there shouldn't be any land coming in contact with a ship.

Whatever it was had to be big.

Some people have suggested maybe it was floating driftwood or a submerged log. It would need to be something bigger than that to put a hole in a freighter's hull. Even if it was a submerged shipping container, it wouldn't have the mass to cause damage to the laker.

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Did it hit a submarine?

Others have speculated it was a submarine that it ran into, but as far as the public knows, they don't operate submarines in the Great Lakes. The only way to get to Lake Superior from the Atlantic Ocean is by going through a series of locks, which a submarine couldn't do undetected.

Unidentified Submerged Object?

Right now this is a case of an underwater UFO. The United States Navy has recorded these in history. It's not speculation, it's fact. There have been many instances where Navy submarines and ships have witnessed submerged objects traveling at speeds that defy what our technology is capable of.

The Pentagon confirmed videos of UAPs in the air are authentic. Some of those incidents like the Tic-Tac UFO involved the objects hovering in the water. There also have been UAP sightings going in and out of water. Could this be an accident? Let's hope the Coast Guard finds some answers, as this is a very bizarre incident.

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