After opening in January, 2021, at their current location on Tower Avenue in Superior Jamrock Cultural Restaurant has announced they will be leaving Superior to open in a new location Downtown Duluth.

While this is bad news for Superior residents who love their unique Caribbean style seafood dishes and Jamaican cuisine, owner Antonio O’Neil, better known as Chef Tony, says the move was necessary. The new location will provide a prep kitchen, professional equipment and the necessary separation between the guests and the food-prepping area that will allow the restaurant to reach its true potential.

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On November 16, Chef Tony started a GoFundMe fundraiser to help with the cost of renovations and the reopening, with an initial goal to raise $15,000.

While there has been just over $3,500 donated as of November 20, the move is taking place. O'Neil recently made the announcement on the Jamrock Facebook page, thanking the City of Superior and announcing the move, stating in part:

So with a great leap fwd we wanted to Announce our reopening will be located in Duluth MN, where it all started for me right here on 1st st……..we are very close to being done…equipment and items are starting to come in and we are drawing closer to our soft opening day…..we hope to continue to serve the great twin ports and rub elbows with some of the other great establishments….with full acknowledgment that with what we do stands out from the rest and we take great pride in that!


While he offered no firm confirmation of exactly where on 1st Street the new location will be, it seems pretty obvious based on the comments to the post, as well as my observations, that the new location will be 319 W. 1st Street, attached to Roscoe's Pioneer Bar.

Many of the comments reference this and when one person commented that they saw Chef Tony himself moving items into that location, the Jamrock Facebook page commented that it was merely a "stunt double".

Personally, while I haven't seen Chef Tony himself, I have seen similar. I play volleyball at the YMCA, which is across the street from this location. When I've recently gone to Roscoe's afterwards, I have seen the work being done next door and what I've seen looks A LOT like the "sneak peek" video that was recently shared on the Jamrock Facebook page.

Chef Tony says he will continue to provide updates on Facebook on the progress at the new location and he will of course let everyone know when they are open for business.

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