You can thank me later for this reminder! National Cocktail Day is this weekend so you can start preparing accordingly. The official holiday is on Sunday (March 24th).

One website decided to celebrate in a different way, deciphering the three favorite cocktails of every state, including Minnesota and Wisconsin. A gambling site called MinnesotaBets.Com conducted the study.

How Did They Come Up With The Favorite Cocktails?

To make this list, the website looked at a list of the 50 most popular cocktails list for 2023, created by VinePair. They also used Google Trends to see how which cocktail people were searching for from the first of this year to March 15th.

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Which Drinks Are The Favorite In Minnesota?

Drumroll, please! The three favorite drinks of Minnesotans are the Manhattan, martini and the Old Fashioned. These are in no particular order so drink up!

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Minnesota's three favorite drinks align with most of the rest of the country, who also prefer these three tasty cocktails above all the others.

Boozy Cold Pickleback Shot Cocktail with Irish Whiskey

What About Wisconsin?

It looks like Minnesota and Wisconsin residents have something in common! Wisconsin residents also favor the Manhattan and Old Fashioned. However, they also prefer a Whiskey Sour to round out the top three.

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Earlier this year, Wisconsin was named one of the most hungover states in the country. Wisconsin came in at number six while Minnesota came in at number twenty-nine. There is nothing worse than a hangover so drink responsibly.

What Are the Signature Drinks From Every State?

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