Halfway into the new year, it looks like we have some insight into the most popular baby names! The list was released in April by Names.org using data from the Social Security Administration.

The Social Security Administration has the most complete record of first name usage in the United States, according to the study. If you are expecting, this list may come in handy for you if you need a little inspiration. They broke the lists up into boy names and girl names.

Some of the most popular names dropped a couple spots this year. Others went up, gaining popularity from last year. Certain names are also unique to Minnesota, in that they did not make or are not expected to make the national list of popular baby names this year. (No, none of them are Minnesota themed.)

In case you're curious, popular in this instance is based on cold hard facts. According to Names.org, to be considered popular, a name on this list "must have 2,500 births" in the state since 1880. What is popular to you may be different than what has been historically popular or popular in a group of friends, for example.

It's fun to see some older names on the list and names of grandparents and older family members and where those names stand now. It's also fun to see which names are more popular here compared to the rest of the country and which names moved up or down the list this year.

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The Most Popular Baby Names In Minnesota (2023)

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