This place looks amazing! A new cocktail bar is opening in Duluth, Minnesota. The spot is called Altitude and it doesn't look like your ordinary bar, even just based on the photos alone. The new cocktail bar will open at some point in 2024.

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I am really excited about this because not only does the space look awesome but the drink menu looks fun too! These drinks are very Instagram-worthy and will make your next night out even better. Who doesn't love a fun and unique cocktail?

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Where Will It Be Located?

Altitude is set to open in Duluth at 2631 West Superior Street. The new spot will be in conjunction with Free Air Life Company, which is also opening up shop in the same building. A sign out front says the new space will have lodging, retail and a bar.

Courtesy of Google Street View
Courtesy of Google Street View

Free Air Life Company is an outdoor clothing and equipment shop in Duluth. The whole building is being dubbed 'Zenith Basecamp' and is meant as a community space for outdoor enthusiasts to shop and hang out. It will also include an outdoor community space.

When Does The Cocktail Bar Open?

According to the Zenith Basecamp website and a sign out front, the building itself is set to open at some point this fall. As for the cocktail bar itself, the website for Altitude says it is opening at some point in 2024. We will stay on the beat for an exact opening date.

What Kind Of Drinks Will Be Served At Altitude?

Altitude is all about the 'elevated' cocktail, which means these aren't drinks you can just order anywhere. They want to take classic cocktails to 'new heights' by taking a regular cocktail and adding a slightly different touch or take on it! They also want the cocktail to be an experience.

We are lucky in the Duluth area (and Northland in general) to have a lot of really fun and special bars with unique cocktails. We are also blessed with a ton of amazing breweries. Each one is a little different from the next but all are delicious with a fun atmosphere.

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I can't wait to give this new cocktail bar a shot!

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