This probably isn't a headline you thought you'd read today but a wild turkey is making headlines this week for reigning terror on Minnesotans. The turkey is so aggressive that even national news outlets are reporting on it!

The turkey does not have a name and has been wreaking havoc in Coon Rapids, which is a few hour drive from the Twin Ports. Apparently, the turkey showed up, ironically, on Thanksgiving and hasn't left.

In some cases, this might be considered cute or harmless but according to reports, this particular turkey has become aggressive since it first popped up in the neighborhood. It has gotten so crabby that neighbors have started carrying something with them when they go outside in case they encounter it.

So what exactly does this mean turkey do? WCCO reports that the turkey often chases cars, goes after tires on cars that are left outdoors and has even attacked people. Video shared by one reporter at the station even shows the turkey walking up the stairs of the home and trying to get in.

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Even scarier is the fact that the turkey can not be scared off by the usual tactics one might use to freak out a wild animal. The turkey is not afraid of much, even being sprayed by a water bottle, as shown in another video shared by WCCO reporter Kirsten Mitchell.

That is one large turkey! The community has reached out to the Minnesota DNR to get it relocated but policy says that they cannot relocate a pesky turkey because it is likely they will just return and continue about their business. Instead, they suggested the community take down bird feeders and cut down branches where turkeys nest.

If you want to avoid a problem turkey in your neighborhood, you should try and scare it away as soon as possible should one pop up. If they become part of your crew, they likely won't leave. Good luck!

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